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This web material corresponds to the earlier version of the graduate credit course 5A5448 and the undergraduate course 5A1418.

The material at


is now the basis for these courses. See updated course description.

Check Prof. Thomas Lindblad's Java Course Bulletin Board for the latest news and info about the course.


If you wonder why you should learn Java, you can click here to get a pdf-file of a powerpoint presentaion giving our views on Java in physics simulation, engineering and elsewhere.

Recently some Java processors have been released. We are looking into a few systems like the aJile, Javelin Stamp and TINI. If you are interested in embedded systems, there will be a introduction/summary soon as well as pointers to some diploma works.

This course is almost entirely carried out over the Internet. The lectures are available as web pages, so we will NOT have in-class lectures.

Discussions of the lecture materials, exercises and other Java topics will be carried out primarily by email. Each student's exercises are posted on his or her website. The student informs the teacher by email whenever an exercise is ready. The teacher then examines the exercise and sends comments and corrections to the student.

You must obtain permission from your advisor to take this optional course.

Course credits are received when all the exercises are carried out satisfactorily and a review test is passed.

The test will be given periodically at the Stockholm Centre for Physics.

New Web Course

We have written a book on Java in Physics and Engineering for Cambridge University Press called JavaTech: Topics in Scientific and Technical Computing with Java. The web material at


supports the book and is also now the basis of the courses. See the Java Course Map for an outline of the materials available and the alternate approaches or tracks to follow through the material.

See the Course Materials Status and Java Tech What's New page for the latest additions and modifications to the new web pages.

Don't fall behind in the exercises. Each lecture builds on what was learned in the previous one.

Old Review Test

Example test questions based on the older materials here can be generated by

Contact Information

Clark S. Lindsey, Guest Researcher, KTH, lindsey@particle.kth.se
Thomas Lindblad, Prof., KTH, lindblad@particle.kth.se


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Physics Simulations with JavaTM
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