The US Air Force

Cape Canaveral Air Station Museum

Information on opening hours, etc

You can visit the museum by entering the CCAS

from the south, i.e. Port Canaveral (there is a map further on here) or by taking the Blue Tour from Kennedy Space Centre

One of the main attraction at the CCAS Space and Missile Museum is the Redstone rocket with its tower!


The museum is guarded by a Nike-Ajax surface-to-air missile

The original bunker shows the high-tech of the early 60s ...

... and includes the Atlas/Thor-Able computer.

The Rocket Park is great and has many rockets and missiles. Here is seen the Minuteman ICBM (horiz.) and the Thor-Able (vertical). The towers in the background are the ones in use for the Delta launch programme.

If you take the blue tour from KSC you will also get a chance to see the Mercury Mission Control. Note that the first manned US Mercury did three orbits!!

An Atlas launching pad can also be viewd from the Blue Tour bus ride from KSC

The first US satellite Explorer I ...

Here it may be apropriate with a map of Cape Canaveral

... and the second one: Vanguard I.


So, I will not show more pictures from Cape Canaveral or you will not have anything to discover there. But let us go to Huntville, AL, and the museum there

Obviously the Juno, Redstone, Jupiter C and other US Army missiles are shown (vertically), but also the USAF Atlas is seen here (horizontally)

The Hawk surface to air missile was in use in many countries and is also on display.

There are also plenty of rocket engines on display at MSFC

Here at MSFC you have the historic landmark:

The Redstone Test Site


Time to go to Maryland and GSFC

And at the museum/visitors center at GSFC, who is there to greet you but ... you guessed it!