Astrophysics courses at KTH

We offer four different courses in astronomy/astrophysics as well as projects for BSc and MSc theses. Select the description below that suits you the best to find out which courses we recommend.

I’m an F-student who would like to do as much astrophysics as possible. I’m thinking about doing a MSc thesis and possibly a PhD in astrophysics. 

BSc level: Take astrophysics (SH2402) and do a BSc thesis project in astrophysics.

MSc level: Take astroparticle physics (SH2204) and advanced astrophysics (SH2403).

I’m an F-student who would like to take one astrophysics course

All our courses can be taken independently, so read the course descriptions in the links below to decide which one suits you the best.

I’m interested in astronomy, but I’m not an F-student and I am not planning to do any advanced courses in astrophysics.

We recommend the course astronomy for engineers (SH1003).

Links:     SH1003  SH2204  SH2402  SH2403

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