Particle Physics

The research of particle physics group is based on the frontline of hadron collider experiments.

The main scientific goals are to search for the Higgs boson and to probe for physics beyond the standard model, where the search for supersymmetry is a key element. One fundamental question is if the lightest supersymmetric particle constitutes the bulk of the dark matter. The KTH group has since 1990 taken its share in the development and later the construction of the ATLAS liquid argon electromagnetic calorimeter. ATLAS is one of the large experiments at the CERN Large Hadron Collider. KTH has shared the responsibility for the construction, assembly and testing of the ATLAS presampler with a research group from Grenoble. This device, mounted inside the barrel liquid argon cryostat compensates for energy losses in front of the electromagnetic accordion type calorimeter. The group is also involved in ATLAS heavy quark studies as a probe of QCD.

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